Houndstooth Goumet Dog Treat
DèN Gällèry TRèäT GRööMING Säy Hellö to Us Our Stöckist

Houndstooth Treat has been created on the founder's passion that dogs are family and they crave for good and fun munchies as much as us.

As great quality dog munchies were not widely available in the market, Houndstooth was invented and prepared carefully to ensure our buddies receive all essential nutrition's for their teeth, hair, and health. Since meat products could be allergic for dogs,

Houndstooth is vegan and still provides protein by using wheat gluten that suitable to all dog sizes and breeds.

Our exclusive creations are fun and colorful oriented. Dog lovers see our clever designs and the quality of our munchies and share them happily with their friend's dogs.

Houndstooth provide our buddies not only healthy treat but also a great pleasure of the owners and receivers!!!
p.s. Houndstooth name has been derived from the pattern of the logo and linked to Hound's teeth.


Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Treat Size L



Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Treat Size M


Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Pizza!







Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Cookie


Houndstooth Candy Pouch




Houndstooth Candy Bag

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