Houndstooth Goumet Dog Treat
DèN Gällèry TRèäT GRööMING Säy Hellö to Us Our Stöckist

Advantages of a candy Houndstooth Treat
1) The ingredients are mostly food grade (same grade as a human). The only pet grade ingredient is paratability (liver extract which make the treats more palatable for pets).

2) A mixture of oligofructose (food grade): natural fiber to help digest.

3) Chicken breast as an ingredient. We use the same grade as in the chicken's people eat. From certified sources (CP or BETAGRO). We do not use chicken feather waste by product of the bones, as opposed to the formulas of some company using a by product of this mixture.


Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Treat Size L


Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Treat Size M


Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Pizza!


Houndstooth Treat Dog Gourmet Cookie

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